We take community seriously—so seriously that it’s one of our values. We’re dedicated to creating collective experiences in and outside of work to develop a sense of belonging.

Our teams help and support each other in doing one of the most important jobs out there, getting life-changing medicines to critically ill patients all over the UK.

Safety is our number one priority, so we expect diligence from our team members. To join our superstar team, we need you to be dedicated to our cause, have an unrivalled attention to detail and to always play a part in improving our processes.

In return, we provide full training, not just for our production staff, but all members joining our company receive training in aseptic manufacturing. This way we are all connected to the fantastic job we do every day.

We encourage our employees to try new things, we want you to have a long career with us and sometimes that means moving to a new department and learning a new skill. We want to invest in your training and development and commit to sharing full career pathways and supporting in your whole career with us.

We have ambitious goals to achieve, be a part of the team that gets us there.

Our Values

Values at Pharmaxo

Where patients come first.

Our patients are fighting cancer, living with long-term disease or in need of pain relief. They are dependent on healthcare professionals, including us, to manage proven but complex clinical pathways to get better.

In all things, but particularly when things go wrong, we must act as though the patient is one of us. One day it might be.

Can it be better?

Great innovations, well-executed anywhere in our processes, can create value through higher quality products and services, lower costs and increased capacity, both for us and the partners we work with.

Raising healthcare productivity like this will increase the capacity of healthcare systems, treat more patients and improve our business.

Is there more to learn?

Almost always yes. To realise our vision, we must all become experts in our domain. What we do should be built on an expanding scientific, technical, process and clinical knowledge base while we develop an ever-deeper understanding of our partners’ needs.

Learning more about our domain every day develops expertise.

Our commitment to you.

Our community – We should care about each other as much as we care about what we do. Collective experiences both in and out of work and respect for each other will drive a sense of connection and belonging.

Your career – A job that enables you to use your strengths, develop autonomy and take responsibility is at the heart of motivation.

Promoting your learning and development is important to you and us in your job now and for future roles.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the service supply of complex injectable medicines. We will deliver compounding, clinical and diagnostic services to gain access to our markets.

Our brands will be synonymous with service innovation and knowledge leadership. Our innovations will create value in the medicines supply chain from the research laboratory to the patient.

What our staff are saying…

Sarah Ivory-Osborne

Every one of us has our part to play in the company to help our patients each day. For Sarah and her team in the warehouse, the goal is making sure that for every item that arrives and every product that leaves, there is a smooth process.

Starting in the company as a cleaner to now fulfilling the Warehouse Area Lead role, Sarah carries the memory of her mother to work each day to ensure we can constantly deliver to our patients and continue to be a company Where Patients Come First.

Sarah Ivory-Osborne

Warehouse Area Lead

How long have you worked at Bath ASU and what roles have you been in?

I began working for Bath ASU back in January 2010. I started as a cleaner when the company was just 2 units. I was in this role for around 10 months. Then the opportunity arose to become part of the production team as a Pharmacy Assistant, so I jumped at the chance to progress.

It was during this time that I also undertook various driving and delivery duties for the warehouse team, and this became a permanent position in 2012. I was then promoted to Warehouse Supervisor in 2015, the role I currently still hold.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is knowing that every day, the pharmaceutical products made by our company are reaching those patients most desperately in need of them. I go home every day knowing that my team have been a big part of this, and that Bath ASU as a whole is making a massive difference to so many people’s lives.

What advice would you give to members of the team?

Work hard, don’t be afraid to ask when you need help and be proud of being part of the bigger picture. I am proof that you can progress through the ranks, and Bath ASU will give you the opportunities and training to do so if you want it!

Take us through an average day…

My main duties include overseeing a team of 10 warehouse staff in the packing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. These are manufactured by the company for various national hospitals and healthcare professionals and my team ensure they are sent out correctly.

I am in charge of ensuring that all of our goods in stock are approved items and that stock rotation is performed correctly. I delegate various roles to my team, such as itemising short-dated stock and correctly storing products according to the temperatures they need to be kept at. I am also in charge of undertaking a weekly consumable stock count, ensuring that numbers are kept at the appropriate levels for company use.

Which of our values resonate with you most and why?

Where patients come first. I have lost many family members to cancer, including my Mum. The fact that Bath ASU’s biggest pharmaceutical products are cytotoxic drugs resonates strongly with me as helping people with cancer really is putting them first.

Finally, how does your team contribute to Where Patients Come First?

My team work very hard to achieve our company value of ‘Where Patients Come First’ on both an individual and a team level. They are all dedicated, hardworking and conscientious, and they realise the importance of the role that we play in providing our patients with the help that they need.

My team are the last line when organising the correct packing and distribution of drugs all around the country and are the last team to leave the facility to ensure that this is done. It is also important to recognise that we work as part of a bigger team, dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the best service possible.