What did you do before you joined us at Pharmaxo?

After I graduated from Bath Business School with a degree in Business and Marketing, I went to work for Rutherford Cancer Centres, a network of private cancer clinics, where I joined as a marketing assistant and helped to set up their marketing department from scratch.

I was there for four and a half years, and I worked my way up to a more senior level. I enjoyed working in a role that was alongside the NHS, and I realised that I wanted to continue my career in healthcare marketing.

I worked for another healthcare company as their marketing manager for a year, and then joined Pharmaxo in April 2023.

What drew you to joining Pharmaxo?

Pharmaxo gave me another opportunity to work within healthcare in a company that was innovative and exciting. I really enjoy the job – I can immerse myself in departments across the company, from the manufacturing departments to the teams of nurses who work out in the community, and see how it all works together.

I’ve got a lot of creative freedom at Pharmaxo. I get the chance to work on a wide range of things, from providing support at both internal and external events to creating videos to present the various areas of the organisation and what it does.

I also showcase what all the different departments do, demonstrating that every team has an important role to play in what we do as a company, and that everyone has something to offer – we really do value all the people who work for us. As an example, working with nurses means that I get to hear the stories of how their work helps patients, and this reminds me daily why I do what I do.

What changes have you seen at Pharmaxo??

There has been a major structural reorganisation at Pharmaxo, with Ian Muir coming in as CEO, and Peter Allen joining as the General Manager at Bath ASU.

To highlight the changes, I worked on a project to showcase what happens in the Bath ASU manufacturing team, and what all the roles involve. The videos we produced talked about the career opportunities that there are at all levels, and about the prospects for progression – we have people who started as apprentices, and who are now part of the management team. We also offer opportunities to work from home where needed (and where it’s possible).

We have expanded a lot over the last year or so. While the company has grown a lot, it still has a family feel. People talk to each other. The senior management are genuinely hands-on, and really do listen to the people who work here.

What keeps you going to work every day?

I’m part of a small and close-knit team and we get on really well. We talk everything through – there’s no such thing as a silly idea. The end goal of the company – supporting patients who are going through a tough time – is really important to all of us. There will always be a patient I want to help.

What do you do outside of Pharmaxo?

I love walking, especially on the beach, and I have an incredible daughter.

What are you excited about at the moment?

I am a third of the way towards being fully chartered in marketing. Pharmaxo is supporting me with my studies. This is giving me a real sense of achievement outside of work and my family. It’s all a juggle, but it’s a good juggle.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking a job at Pharmaxo?

There’s a role for pretty much anyone at Pharmaxo, and there are opportunities to learn and develop. You will be fully supported and valued all the way through your career with us. It’s a positive place to be, and there is meaning and purpose behind what you do, whichever team and department you join.