This month, patients will be able to receive their immunotherapy or chemotherapy treatment as part of a brand-new service offered by University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust located at the Glenfield Hospital in partnership with Pharmaxo Healthcare.

The Project and innovation has been led and supported by the Pharmacy Homecare Team based at the Leicester General Hospital in collaboration with the Oncology clinical/Pharmacy team. The patients’ treatments will take place on one of Pharmaxo Healthcare’s Mobile Treatment Centres. These have been designed to allow the delivery of specialist infusion treatment clinics in any convenient location all over the country.

Pharmaxo are providing the full clinical service, including manufacturing, and dispensing the infusion products, managing the clinic itself and provision of trained nurses to administer the treatments. This support is vital to ensure we can get patients the treatment they need, when they need it, as well as freeing up more space and staff time within the nursing and pharmacy teams in the trust.

Patients receiving immunotherapy or chemotherapy in the mobile treatment centre will receive communication during the course of their treatment via Pharmaxo’s dedicated Patient Services Team based in Wiltshire. Patients will remain under the care of their UHL clinical team throughout their treatment.

The service is starting with 22 patients receiving chemotherapy infusions. The service will be in place for 12 months, with potential to extend the service in the future.

This type of approach is going to be pivotal as we look for innovative ways to improve our service and reduce the waiting time for this type of treatment and deliver healthcare in community settings around the country.