In the latest Meet the Staff, we talk to Joshua Brooks, a Dispensary Pharmacist here at Pharmaxo, and learn about his role.

Tell us about your job?

I work different shifts that have different tasks. On the early shift I am the Responsible Pharmacist, which means that I am in charge of the safe and effective running of the pharmacy, and I need to be available to deal with any queries or issues. If I’m on the late shift, I ensure that all the deliveries go out.

All prescriptions have to be seen by a pharmacist, so part of my job is to screen these to ensure that they are valid. I label and dispense medications and deal with queries from patients and from Pharmaxo staff. I’ve been here almost two years now.

What did you do before you joined us at Pharmaxo?

I’ve always been interested in science, and I thought pharmacy looked really interesting. After my integrated master’s degree, I worked in community pharmacies as a pharmacist and then as a pharmacist manager. I did my pre-reg year during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was quite an experience. However, it did mean that I got used to a heavy workload and a lot of variety, as patients weren’t able to get to see their GP at this time.

What drew you to joining Pharmaxo?

I wanted a change after working in a quiet pharmacy. Pharmaxo looked like it would be very different, and provide me with a new challenge. It’s also an opportunity to help patients with serious diseases.

What changes have you seen at Pharmaxo?

The business is becoming more high-tech, and we are growing our patient base.

What keeps you going to work every day?

I like the variety. There’s always a challenge, and always something that needs doing, for example sorting out issues for staff and patients. Working at Pharmaxo, I feel like I am doing something good.

The people here are great. As it’s bigger than a community pharmacy there is always another pharmacist around for support or backup.

What do you do outside of Pharmaxo?

I’m active – I like going to the gym, rock climbing and hiking.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking a job at Pharmaxo

I would say give it a go. There are many entry points and lots of different kinds of roles. There’s also training available. It’s a brilliant starting point for a career in the medical industry, and there are chances to move up in the company.