In the latest Meet the Staff, we talk to Kate Smith, Pharmaceutical Support Manufacturer at Bath ASU, and find out more about her and her role.

Tell us about your job

I stated as a pharmaceutical production operative in April 2023, and I became a Pharmaceutical Support Manufacturer a few months ago.

I support the manufacturers in the clean room – my job includes checking ingredients and components and decontaminating them, helping with the assembly of products, inspecting finished products, and labelling and packaging them.

I also help with cleaning the cleanrooms and carrying out environmental monitoring. There’s also documentation that needs to be done.

Kate Smith, Pharmaceutical Clean Room Support Manufacturer, Bath ASU

What did you do before you joined us at Bath ASU?

I worked as a carer, and I worked in production for a large cosmetics company in Trowbridge.

What drew you to joining Bath ASU?

I have always been interested in science. I wanted to work for a company where I could take part in training and where I could have the opportunity to advance.

What keeps you going to work every day?

What I do helps people – it improves their quality of life and saves lives. There aren’t many jobs that give you this kind of motivation. My job is different every day. I like the challenge, and I like to learn new things. My colleagues are wonderful, and working here has given me more confidence.

What are you excited about at work at the moment?

The opportunity to become a pharmaceutical manufacturer, where I would be able to manufacture the therapeutics for patients, and I would be able to manage my own work. It looks like a really interesting job.

What do you do outside of Bath ASU?

I go to the gym regularly. I like visiting new places – where we are based is a lovely part of the country – and I love dancing. I enjoy painting too.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking a job at Bath ASU?

Just do it! Pharmaxo is a company that values its staff.