What did you do before you joined us at Bath ASU?

My entire 38-year career has been in manufacturing and I have a passion for mechanical and production engineering.

I’ve been involved with a patchwork of products, from pharmaceuticals, colour cosmetics, the toy industry, membrane filters and also cranes and dumper trucks.

I’ve now spent 23 years in pharmaceuticals, working in logistics, supply chain and commercial operations for the manufacture of a variety of products including over-the-counter drugs, injectables, wound dressings, syringes and fast-melt oral formulations.

Bath ASU is my sixth job in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

What drew you to joining us at Bath ASU?

Bath ASU is a very ‘people’ dependant operation. The plant and equipment that we use isn’t proprietary and can be found at other sites and organisations. The differentiator here is our people, the way that we operate, and the significant social aspect of staff engagement.

This, coupled with the absence of the huge bureaucratic oversight of a heavily matrixed US centric corporation, makes Bath ASU a really appealing organisation to join.

It’s also an agile and nimble place that allows improvements to be implemented relatively quickly. It’s definitely a place where you can contribute to make a positive change.

What keeps you going to work every day?

Working in pharmaceutical manufacturing is about having a job that’s relevant. It’s about creating prescription medications that make people feel better and survive longer. Knowing that what I do is part of saving people’s lives gives me a buzz of achievement.

Working in a sterile environment is all about how you do things – quality, safety and efficacy are reliant on behaviour. Thinking about the patient keeps me focused on compliance because I can see why it’s important.

What are the current projects that you are excited about?

I am working closely with the new Environment, Health and Safety lead, making sure that safety objectives are high on the list.

I’m also using my skills and experience to improve the company’s focus on people. This includes clarifying job descriptions, goals and objectives, and creating a better way to reward and recognise the staff. I want to make it an even happier place to work.

Businesses are also about being profitable which enables us to invest further. I have a real passion for commercial operations and am always seeking ways to improve our financial performance.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking a job at Bath ASU?

We provide people with an opportunity to work in an industry where people count and you make a difference to patients.

We give them an introduction into a safe manufacturing environment where they can grow through training, education and experience, with a defined grading structure and clear goals.

As a small company, we can offer people experience in a variety of different teams, for example the operations, technical, quality control, quality assurance, project management and supply chain departments.

We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive organisation, where age or education are not a limitation – it’s all about aptitude. We offer people the opportunity to develop their existing career or begin a whole new career, with people who have the same goals, and where all can have a good work-life balance.