Richard Parry, Principal Scientist at Bath ASU

Richard Parry, Principal Scientist (Bath ASU)

Behind every one of our products at Bath ASU, there can be from six months to three years of detailed research. Principal Scientist, Richard Parry, is central to this process.

From working in Philadelphia with world-leading scientists to our own Head Office at Corsham, Richard brings over 20 years of industry experience into work every day to make sure Bath ASU pursues innovation and is a business Where patients come first.

His commitment to the company comes from nine years on the team, but also from the reminder that his job here can help peoples’ lives, as it did his own father’s a few years ago.

Richard Parry, Principal Scientist

How long have you worked at Bath ASU and what roles have you been in?

I have worked at Bath ASU for nine years now. I started as a research scientist, designing and implementing assays (measuring biochemical or immunological activity) of protein-based medicines, mostly MABs (monoclonal antibodies). I am now Principal Scientist, which involves coordinating the efforts of the team to deliver stability studies, making sure the lab runs safely and effectively, and occasionally getting my head up to try and understand what’s coming up next…

What is the biggest challenge?

Constant change. There’s so much fluidity in the pharmaceuticals landscape, things are changing all the time, research is driving innovations in medicines with increasing complexity.

You have always got to be thinking about how you are going to cope with the next challenge of understanding the drugs.

Looking for a career with meaning

Richard Parry, Principal Scientist

Which of our values resonate with you most and why?

Am I allowed two? Can it be better? as there are so many opportunities to improve our approach to delivering top quality medicines. Also, Where patients come first, as at the end of the day the things we make really affect people’s lives.

They reach people at a time when they need help and they don’t need to be spending their time and effort to look for the best quality medicines, we supply those. There’s a person at the end of every product we make at Bath ASU and one day that was my Dad.

He attended The Circle Bath. He had a minor operation there and was supplied with products that came from here. I feel proud that the efforts of everyone at the company ultimately supports all patients when they need it most.

Finally, how does your team contribute to Where patients come first?

Everyone (on the team) at Bath ASU comes in to deliver their time, energy and skills to make the best quality medicines we can to help our patients.

The work my team does to demonstrate the stability and application of the extended shelf life guarantees that the medicine is the same quality at the end of its shelf life as it is on the day was made. Therefore, by enhancing understanding of our medicine through our research, we are making our products better for our patients.

Richard Parry, Principal Scientist Bath ASU