QPHL has rebranded to Pharmaxo

QPHL is now Pharmaxo

This involves 2 main changes:

The group, previously known as QPHL, which includes 4 companies: Bath ASU, Pharmaxo Healthcare, Microgenetics and Corsham Science, is now to be known as Pharmaxo.

Pharmaxo Healthcare is the new name for the high-tech homecare and pharmacy business, previously known as Pharmaxo.

Both changes come with a new logo and brand identity.

We have kept the Luer taper icon, which represents the sterile compounding operation at the heart of our business and connects the original brand with the new. We’ve also introduced a bolder, smarter brand system, designed to unify the group’s divisions and provide room for growth.


The companies within the group work together closely to produce and administer life changing medicines for some of the most vulnerable and in need people in our society.

This change is part of a move to better connect these businesses, in order to strengthen our identity, our culture and ability to serve our customers.

Our Vision:

To be a global leader in the service supply of complex injectable medicines. We will deliver compounding, clinical and diagnostic services to gain access to our markets.

Our brands will be synonymous with service innovation and knowledge leadership. Our innovations will create value in the medicines supply chain from the research laboratory to the patient.