We’re Carbon Neutral

Wind turbine out at Sea

We have been a carbon neutral business for over a decade, through our partnership with Carbonfund.org. This means we reduce our carbon footprint where we can and offset the rest by supporting one of Carbonfund’s industry-leading carbon reduction projects.

These projects include:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency projects reduce energy use now, providing the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions.


Forest conservation removes CO2 from the air and into trees and soil, helping communities and wildlife. Deforestation accounts for 20% of global carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy – wind, solar, hydro, methane reductions – reduce carbon missions today, spur investment in clean technologies and help create a low-carbon economy tomorrow.

This year, our team got the chance to have their say as to which of the projects we would support as a group. The result: we’re giving to two of these projects. Two-thirds has been given to forestry and the remaining third to renewable energy, reflecting the outcome of the survey.

Learn more about carbonfund here.