What did you do before you joined us at Pharmaxo?

I’ve had four main jobs, one of which lasted for 27 years. I started my career at Honda, where I worked my way through the business, ending as European health and safety and sustainability manager. I also worked at TJ Morris and at Neptune, a high-end homeware retailer.

What drew you to joining at Pharmaxo?

I’ve been here just over a year. There’s never one reason for taking a new role. One, obviously, was needing a job! I was made redundant at my previous role, and the opportunity came up at Pharmaxo.

It gave me the opportunity to look at health and safety from the perspective of a different industry. I like finding ways to meet challenges and solve problems, and to find new approaches to doing things.

What changes have you seen in health and safety?

The fundamentals of health and safety remain the same – to ensure that customers and staff remain safe – but the emphasis has changed over the years, with the inclusion of sustainability and wellbeing. When I worked in the motor industry, the focus was on things like ergonomics.

At Pharmaxo, it’s more about behaviour and welfare. Health and safety used to be all about Hi-Viz jackets, clipboards and lists. Now it’s more about ways of doing things. We persuade people that there are better ways of doing things and motivate them to be involved and engaged, and to make the right choices.

What changes have you seen at Pharmaxo?

Health and safety had been maintained at Pharmaxo, but there had been no major changes. My arrival was the catalyst for a lot of changes, and people got involved. They wanted to do the right thing.

The level of support from management for these changes was incredible – there was a real drive for change from above. I was encouraged to take on another member of staff, and to pursue new approaches.

Companies that change fast can lose the ‘family’ feel, but Pharmaxo has been able to keep the right mindset and the right way of thinking.

What keeps you going to work every day?

When I do choose to move on from Pharmaxo, I would like to walk away saying that I made a real difference.

What are the current projects that you are excited about?

Sustainability is all encompassing, and it needs to involve all the people in the company, while maintaining a viable business. The work on achieving net zero is the most exciting part of my job, and it has an impact locally and globally.

Getting to net zero by 2045 is a huge goal, but we are taking the first steps, for example by putting in place photovoltaic solar panels. I truly believe that we can be a role model. If we can do it, then others can. We can all leave the world a better place.

What do you do outside of Pharmaxo?

I’ve changed my work pattern to four days a week in the office to reduce my carbon footprint, and this gives me more time for wildlife photography.

I share my pictures on social media as a way to bring nature indoors for people who can’t get out. They then share some amazing and beautiful stories triggered by my pictures.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking a job at Pharmaxo?

Talk to people who work here to get a feel of the company and they give it a go. It’s a very friendly company filled with people who are passionate and dedicated and have a mission to do something good with their lives.